[Seaside] [Question] How do I do a table of contents in a long report?

hhs at lexdb.net hhs at lexdb.net
Tue Oct 28 18:47:19 UTC 2008


The following is probably a beginner's question but I did not find an answer on
pages like

I have a report which is many pages long headings (h2). I would like to have a
table of contents (toc) at the beginning with links to the respective headings.
And a backlink of every heading to the top again. The user should be able to
navigate within the page generated by Seaside without prompting Seaside to
generate a new page.

I am aware how to construct links to other components 
    self call: (WAComponentSubclass new)
but not how to do "regular" internal links in a web page.

Thank you for code samples in advance

Hannes Hirzel
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