[Seaside] sharing sessions through links..

Boris Popov boris at deepcovelabs.com
Tue Oct 28 21:07:01 UTC 2008

Because the test is such that it feeds browser a cookie and monitors if it receives it back, which would indicate browser supports them.


-Boris (via BlackBerry)

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Nevin Pratt wrote:
> Boris Popov wrote:
>> Nevin,
>> It already does, see senders of #checkCookiesField for more detail,
>> Cheers,
>> -Boris
> Ah, OK!  A sender of #checkCookiesField is WASession>>performRequest:, 
> and the browser check seems to be done as follows:
>    aRequest fields includesKey: self checkCookiesField
> Thanks!
> Nevin

       ^ cookiesEnabled
        and: [self application useSessionCookie]

So, apparantly 'cookiesEnabled' is exactly what I want, and I don't have 
to do the browser check code I mention above.

However, cookiesEnabled is set to 'false' under the following conditions:

    ((aRequest fields includesKey: self checkCookiesField)
            and: [aRequest cookies isEmpty])
        ifTrue: [cookiesEnabled := false].

My question is: why do we care if 'aRequest cookies isEmpty'?  Why 
should that have anything to do with whether or not the browser accepts 

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