[Seaside] Problem with calling owner from decoration

M. Polák nigol at nigol.cz
Thu Oct 30 16:18:57 UTC 2008

On 29.10.2008, at 22:21, Lukas Renggli wrote:
> How does your code looks like now?

Actuall code:

	| ar |
	ar := self call: ((self article descriptionEdit asComponentOn: self  
article) addValidatedForm; yourself).
		ifNotNil: [self article copyFrom: ar]

When I have this code in generic component and use it like this:

article := WCArticle new.
	html anchor
		callback: [self call: ((article descriptionEdit asComponentOn:  
article) addValidatedForm; yourself)];
		 with: 'Edit'

everything worked well. Problem is only when this code is called from  
decoration. I did little experiment, and tried add #halt after the  
#call: and it seems, that no code after #call: is executed.
Could be problem, that I'm generating #children Array of the  
decorated component dynamically on the fly?

> You can't step over #call: with a debugger. Call causes the current
> process to send out a response and terminate the computation. Later
> on, when a request comes in that triggers a corresponding answer:, the
> process call-stack is restored and resumed. I've never seen a debugger
> that could handle such a fancy thing.
> Cheers,
> Lukas

Oh yes, that's the continuation "magic", isn't it?


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