[Seaside] Monticello 2

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Oct 30 18:01:49 UTC 2008

> Hi. I saw on Lukas's Esug presentation that Monticello 2 is
> recommended for Seaside development because it is supported on
> all of the Smalltalks that Seaside is available on. I was not
> aware of this; I thought Monticello 2 was still in the alpha
> phase, didn't yet support remote repositories, and only worked
> on Squeak. I must have missed something. Where can I find out
> more about Monticello 2?

No, I did not say that we use Monticello 2 or that it is supported on
any platform. I said, that it is the future and that we would like all
the Smalltalk platforms to port and support it, so that we can easily
merge and load extensions and patches coming from anywhere.

Right now this it is nearly impossible (and in practice it maybe
happened once) to get back extensions or fixes from VisualWorks,
Dolphin and GST. It happens on an almost daily bases with GemStone,
because they have a full port of Monticello 1.

Then I added, that I do not suggest to port Monticello 1 now, because
Monticello 1 was not designed with portability in mind and probably
very hard to integrate into different platforms. Monticello 2 is
designed to support different platforms.


Lukas Renggli

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