[Seaside] Scriptaculous SUInsertion doesn't work in IE7

Vladimir Pogorelenko vladimir at livesystems.ru
Sun Sep 7 18:19:03 UTC 2008

Changed code to a new API. But found that the problem was caused by  
another reason.
Shortly, now problem is gone. Many thanks Lukas for a quick response.  
Happy that now application works in IE.

Previously with non-ajax version I've wrapped every just created item  
with special decoration which just wraps the component with <a   
name="locus"></a> (giving ability to refer to small part of page with  
just created component).

Also I did updateUrl:
	anUrl fragment: 'locus'.
to add #locus to the url.

By that I reaching the ability to have page opened at just added  
component. It was helpful when the page more than one screen long.

When I add this "locus" decoration to a just created component with  
ajax I got such wrong behaviour in IE. Don't know really why. But now  
I think don't even need to use this decoration.

Still will include my code:

WAAnswersEdit renderAddAnswerActionOn: html
	html anchor
		id: html nextId;
		onClick: (html element
			id: placeForAnswerID;
			insertBottom: [:r | self addAnswer. self renderJustAddedAnswerOn: r]
		with: [html image url: '/images/add.png'. html text: ' ', 'add new  

WAAnswersEdit addAnswer
	| answer answerComponent |
	answer := TestsAnswer new
		text: ' ';
	self question answers add: answer.
	answerComponent := self createAnswerComponent: answer.
	answersComponents  add: answerComponent.

	self session locusOn: answerComponent "THIS LINE DELETED, NO MORE  

self session locusOn: wraps aPresenter with <a name="locus"></a> locus- 

07.09.2008, в 21:38, Lukas Renggli написал(а):

> SUInsertion is deprecated in the JavaScript library, it is only there
> because SUAjax requires it at some places.
> Do you experience the same problem if you use the following code?
>   html unorderedList id: 'list'.
>   html anchor
>      onClick: (html element
> 		id: 'list';
> 		insertBottom: [ :h | h listItem: 'item' ]);
>      with: 'add'
> Or could you send an example so that we can reproduce?

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