[Seaside] Question about #call:, continuations and responses

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Thu Sep 18 16:35:14 UTC 2008


When I do a #call:, a continuation is created and then the new component 
is added to the sender via decorations to render instead of the sender. 
During the #call: a render notification is raised and then the component 
is rendered on a stream and sent back to the browser in a response.

When I call #answer: later it will restore the continuation and the old 
stack is restored. When the component is rendered, does this render on 
the same stream that was used before?

When I do a #call: in an Ajax callback, I also create a continuation, 
send a notification to stop the callback and then render something on 
the response-stream so that the new component is displayed. However, 
once the #answer: is sent and the continuation is continued i cannot 
write anything to the old stream as the old stream is no longer there. 
Same goes for the new stream,  that one was part of the old stack that 
called #answer:, which is discarded when the continuation restores.

Is there a way to have a valid stream after the continuation is reset 
and be able to respond to the browser?

Kind Regards

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