[Seaside] Seaside URL and FLEX HTTPService

Thierry Thelliez thierry.thelliez.tech at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 21:48:26 UTC 2008

> It appears that you are trying to make your seaside app a Flex service or
> something like that.

For now I am just trying to display some rows in a FLEX DataGrid
componen. Nothing fancy, just a proof concept.

> As such, the _s and _k parameters are meaning
> less as they only pertain to an active session of a seaside application.

I do need the _s and _k as I would like the returned XML to be
session/user specific (dynamically generated on the Seaside side).

The problem I have is the encoding of the Seaside style URL. The
underscores and the third parameters are breaking the FLEX httpservice
XML based requests.

I saw some posts in 2007 about Seaside and FLEX. But I cannot tell if
someone has successfully done it or not.


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