[Seaside] Moving from win to linux

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
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Not to mention correct user/group and 664 for those files 
Sebastian Sastre



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In Addition to John's Comments, play atention for the ASCII extended caracters
in yours styles metodhs (if you didn´t worked in UTF-8), 


On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 7:30 AM, John Thornborrow <john at pinesoft.co.uk> wrote:


Few things to check (and apologies in advance if they are patronising)

1. Check that the relevant FileLibrary subclass has been kept in /seaside/config

2. Have you copied the images (jpg/png/gif/etc) and css/script files as well as
the *.image/*.changes?

3. Try using "FileDirectory slash" instead of hard-code '/' string/char.

4. Has your linux VM got the necessary plugins and prims compiled?



Amos wrote:

Hi All,

Probably a stupid question, but are there any particular caveats when
moving from a windows-based environment to a linux-based one?

After many months of not touching Seaside/Squeak (lack of time, not
lack of interest... *sigh*) I tried moving my image (image file +
changes file) from Win2k to my Ubuntu machine, and all the code I'd
written ages ago survived intact. However, the local seaside app
refuses to render the pages with the images and stylesheets as it
still does in Win2k (although the path in the source looks ok). Where
there are hardcoded slashes, they're forward slashes, which seems to
work in both environments.

I'm guessing it's something simple, but I feel like I can't see the
woods for the trees...


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