[Seaside] Javascript Integration

Owen Densmore owen at backspaces.net
Sun Apr 5 04:21:56 UTC 2009

Hi folks .. a newbie here.

I just took a great Seaside workshop, given by James Foster of GemStone.

One issue that I didn't understand as well as I'd like is Seaside- 
Javascript integration.  I know Prototype/Scriptaculous (and others)  
are used, but I wasn't clear what the *architecture* of the  
integration was.

For example, are there tiny code fragments built up by the component  
libraries that create a script?  Is there some smalltalk-to-javascript  
translation taking place?  Is there a Seaside specific javascript  
library loaded onto the client that makes for smooth integration with  

I'd *love* a pointer to a tutorial on Javascript integration.  Or  
pointers to which classes to read in detail -- the ones actually  
spouting javascript and receiving the Ajax XMLHtmlRequests.


     -- Owen

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