[Seaside] Javascript Integration

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sun Apr 5 16:33:07 UTC 2009


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> Hi folks .. a newbie here.
Hi and welcome!

> For example, are there tiny code fragments built up by the component  
> libraries that create a script?  
unless you ask it to be loaded with a custom #updateRoot: components don't
"have" js libraries. Usually the entire app has it (or don't) by the
configuration you set.
Said that you always can make a component to add its own little script as

Is there some 
> smalltalk-to-javascript  
> translation taking place?
yes. In this style, what you do is to create some smalltalk objects that will be
serialized to javascript. I use to write and the inspect the javascript fragment
(usually while debugging). This inspection will print the same javascript code
the UA will see.

  Is there a Seaside specific javascript  
> library loaded onto the client that makes for smooth 
> integration with  
> seaside?
AFAIK no. The integration is that framework itself.

> I'd *love* a pointer to a tutorial on Javascript integration.  Or  
> pointers to which classes to read in detail -- the ones actually  
> spouting javascript and receiving the Ajax XMLHtmlRequests.

tests are the best current pointer to start (AFAIK).

feel free to ask more, FYI you also have the Seaside IRC channel available,
have fun,

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