[Seaside] Using Seaside-Glorp (VW)...

Steve Aldred aldreds at velocitynet.com.au
Mon Apr 6 06:41:53 UTC 2009

Hi Rick,

How are you creating the session?
We send #sessionForLogin: to our descriptor system and that sets system 
on the session.


Rick Flower wrote:
> Hi all..
> I'm trying to switch over to using the Seaside-Glorp package from the 
> Cincom respository (on VW)
> and have my Seaside application doing the following :
> 1) Added GlorpConfiguration as part of the ancestry
> 2) Added WAResourcefulSession as the superclass for my existing 
> session class
> 3) Edited the database settings via the Seaside config page for my app
> Now, perhaps I'm trying to access the database incorrectly but 
> couldn't find any good examples lying around :
> self databaseSession readManyOf: myTable
> However, I get an exception down in the PostgresEXDI code when trying 
> to access the 'system' which is not set
> for some reason..
> Any ideas on what I'm missing?
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