[Seaside] Store example in sweaside 2.8

Brent L. Cloward bcloward at msn.com
Mon Apr 6 20:00:54 UTC 2009

Hi all, I have been following the squeak dev for many years and have been
working on cobalt with AS Koh and company.  We have a need now to create a
store on the web and are very happy to see the example.  However, still
being very new to smalltalk we are still confused as to how to get the store
to create the new html code for the browser.  We go in to the item array and
make a change there and can not get it to show this new change in the html
on the browser.  We have many years of programming in Delphi and now would
love to move to Squeak.  But we can not yet find the Doc. That will help us
with this question.


Can you please direct us to an answer.


Thanks Chuck Smith and Brent Cloward 

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