[Seaside] Using Seaside-Glorp (VW)...

Steve Aldred aldreds at velocitynet.com.au
Tue Apr 7 01:11:19 UTC 2009

Rick Flower wrote:
> Steve Aldred wrote:
>> Hi Rick,
>> How are you creating the session?
>> We send #sessionForLogin: to our descriptor system and that sets 
>> system on the session.
> I'll have to take a look.. I'm assuming that if I've got 50 active 
> separate connections going that
> it will not have 50 active database connections at the same time -- I 
> was thinking about that
> this morning.. 

Whether you pool one or more DB sessions or have one per user depends 
very much on what your application does.

In the past we've used techniques such as having a single query 
connection, which everybody uses, and one or more update connections. If 
the update connection was busy when a second user needed to update we'd 
create another one. This let us get away with as few connections as 
possible without users having to wait unnecessarily. Of course it 
depends on your security and locking requirements as to how well that 
will work.


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