[Seaside] Anybody see this?

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> I keep hearing about this and in practice it seems to be a fantasy.   
> I've worked with a half dozen designers in the last year and none of  
> them have more than a rudimentary skill level with CSS and I end up  
> correcting a lot of it.
and there are thousands of programmers that are still using crappy languages to
do sh*tty code and it has nothing to do with putting real talent to work well.
If you can't find that, then is part of the job to build a path to the goal.

> I no longer buy into that idea of separation of design and  
> functionality unless you're just talking about maybe color 
> schemes and  
> even then I find that most designers don't factor stuff into classes  
> cleanly.
then you lowered you guard to find how to work well about that or you talk
demotivated due to past fights of wrongly chosen battles.
We always need to choose battles wisely,

> On Apr 8, 2009, at 10:39 AM, Boris Popov wrote:
> > if you separate coding from design and have
> > professionals working in their own element on each, developers can  
> > focus
> > on functionality and designers can focus on design.
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