[Seaside] Looking for graphing/charting packages for Seaside/VW

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Fri Apr 10 17:11:21 UTC 2009

I did some searching of the archives and found the following :

1) Fusioncharts.com (care of Boris) -- Exactly what I'm after but I 
can't afford it for my 'hobby' site.
2) Flotr - Looks promising (javascript library) but would require some 
smalltalk front-end to do the interfacing
3) Plotkit in Cincom public store -- looks like it's possibly out of 
date (last update 9/07) but otherwise promising
4) Seaside's CSS Bar graph -- good if a bar graph is good enough.. I 
need more than just a bar graph...
5) Seachart - supports bar charts + plotkit

Ultimately, I'd love something like #1 above but which is free and does 
more than just vanilla bar or pie
charts.  I can live with something that can run under Linux or 
preferably FreeBSD and perhaps have an
API to use it via VW -- something I suspect #1 is setup like.

So far with that criteria, #5 is closest but may be out of date as well 
(the VW version that is -- last update 9/07).  This looks the most 
promising but may need more effort to bring it up to the current Squeak 

Are there any others I've missed/overlooked?  Thanks!

-- Rick

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