[Seaside] Looking for graphing/charting packages for Seaside/VW

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Mon Apr 13 06:10:38 UTC 2009

you can use the seaside file library editor to upload the new 
prototype.js file. Or you use the VisualWorks inspector on String new, 
paste the string there, select accept from the context menu and then 
copy you can use "self printString" to have it double-quoted.

Kind Regards

Rick Flower wrote:
> Rick Flower wrote:
>> Karsten wrote:
>>> Hi Rick,
>>> i actually noticed that Seaside-Flotr needs a newer version of the 
>>> prototype library. You may go to the prototype page and grab the 
>>> latest version, then it works just nicely. 
> Ok.. Stupid question.. Is there some automated tool I can use to 
> translate the single/double quotes
> in the updated prototype javascript code to something that can to 
> cut-n-pasted into the existing
> #prototypeJs method?  I'm finding that doing it in an editor is 
> problematic and tedious --
> just thought I'd ask.  Thx!
> -- Rick
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