[Seaside] A new critical blog discussing Seaside

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Apr 17 19:54:57 UTC 2009

It will be easier for your ideas to be listened if put more effort in taking
away bad emotions. Enphasis with a bit of drama could be ok to illustrate but
nobody will have time to deal with your anger. Some things you wrote there do
have sense so just manage to comunicate that in a positive way and see what
happens. I don't mean less negative I mean positive. Otherwise you'll just help
polluting the seaside ecosystem instead of making a better place. In short:
after reading that I feel you are with focus in war instead of focusing in
And you did it annonymously, which leaves your ideas in a weaker position. What
did you pretend with that? to create the annonymous seaside critic comunity?
leaded by whom?
don't misundertand me: I consider good critics as precious

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> Asunto: [Seaside] A new critical blog discussing Seaside
> I would like to point the members of this mailing list to my 
> new blog on Seaside and Smalltalk: 
> http://thesmalltalkblog.blogspot.com
> The background is in:
> 1) the complete absence of documentation in the Seaside library 
> 2) the many violations of proper Smalltalk encapsulation
> 3) the frequent lack of "good Smalltalk" programing style
> 4) the many wrong and misleading class names, method names 
> and instance variable names
> 5) the extreme ignorance that I had to encounter when 
> offering my assistance to improve Seaside to Lukas Renggli.
> I invite everybody to build a little community to document 
> and improve Seaside, which will save all of us and all future 
> users a lot of time. 
> There is never ever any excuse for not documentation code! 
> Even in Smalltalk!
> I also invite other critical writers to join in to publishing 
> concrete engineering proposals on my blog in order to improve Seaside.
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