[Seaside] A new critical blog discussing Seaside - now concrete proposals

Igor Stasenko siguctua at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 02:12:09 UTC 2009

2009/4/18 James Robertson <jrobertson at cincom.com>:
> It's really, really hard to take anything you say seriously when you insist
> on a veil of anonymity.  Seaside is not some political group, and you aren't
> a revolutionary.  Let us know who you are, and make your comments
> constructively, rather than destructively.
> You've already seen how people are taking the kind of rhetoric you're
> dishing out, so I guess I'll ask you this: how's that working out for you so
> far?

Its sooo emotional.. like Lukas owes him something.

@Mr.Anonymous:  If you so genious & intelligent, then why you taking a
Seaside at all? Write own web framework, which follows the RIGHT
coding style, having GOOD documentation, BIG community etc etc.. and
completely fits with your standards.

Instead, you getting in the middle of already existing project and
saying 'you doing all wrong'. This is exactly the case when word
'troll' can be applied to people with such behaviour.

> James Robertson
> Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist
> http://www.cincomsmalltalk.com/blog/blogView
> Talk Small and Carry a Big Class Library

Best regards,
Igor Stasenko AKA sig.

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