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Travis Griggs travisgriggs at gmail.com
Sat Apr 18 02:23:57 UTC 2009

On Apr 17, 2009, at 6:51 PM, James Robertson wrote:

> It's really, really hard to take anything you say seriously when you  
> insist on a veil of anonymity.  Seaside is not some political group,  
> and you aren't a revolutionary.  Let us know who you are, and make  
> your comments constructively, rather than destructively.
> You've already seen how people are taking the kind of rhetoric  
> you're dishing out, so I guess I'll ask you this: how's that working  
> out for you so far?

This is a fascinating discussion. This may be my first posting to the  
list since lurking here for quite a while.

Communities have a way of giving you an identity whether you like it  
or not. I figured the moniker Mr/Masked Cucumber would stick until  
anyone gave a reason for a different one.

I'm not trying to be derogatory, merely observing how societies  
function. This is all fascinating to me.

Back to work for me. I've got a lot of factory methods to rename.  
with:with:with:, we hardly new thee.

Travis Griggs
"The project was so plagued by politics and ego that when the  
engineers requested technical oversight, our manager hired a  
psychologist instead." -- Ron Avitzur

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