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Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sat Apr 18 02:44:51 UTC 2009

> @Sebastian: If you value an argument from a person who's name 
> you know higher because just of that, pardonnez-moi, je 
> m'excuse, but this would a clear sign of incompetence. 
Well you clearily didn't get it. I've anticipated an ad hominem
contra-agumentation and that's why I've ended my response clarifiying "I
consider good critics as precious".
If you read carefully you'll see I didn't say anything about who make the
But instead of that you've decided to put yourself in the position of calling me
something like "an incompetent signaler" for no reason from an annonymous

> > leaded by whom?
> Only led by arguments! 
Please explain how that statement could be possibly be talking about leadership
If for some reason you still think that you can convert anyone just by saying
that respond with real life examples of succesful, healthy and wealth comunities
created from ideas supported by annonymous leaders. I'll be all ears.

> This is also another reason why I will stay anonymous. I want 
> to improve the subject and not gain personal respect by some 
> community (as Thorsten proposed and wrote that this is a 
> prerequisite to be taken seriously). Forget it!
If you pretend to seduce for colaboration try harder. Play teamwork. That's my
whole point. Showing off annonymous modesty will not even be near to compensate
the damage your attitude is making to the Seaside brand.
Randal answered you with wise questions:
"- Do you want Seaside to succeed?
- Or do you just want to point out that Seaside has failed you, without
  actually having tried to help Seaside?"
I'd add:
- Do you like to be another success story by using seaside?
- If that happens are you willing to share moral credits?
Your current attitude is telling here that you don't recognise the efforts that
are being invested in Seaside. Also your attitude is telling here that not only
you are not recognising the efforts but you are also taking actions against
those efforts by talking with intense anger in a public list and blogging about
that in that tone. All that because you decided to react like that because you
find minor inconveniences in a fantastically productive machine called Seaside.
I think you are pain for your own reasons and you didn't make your homework to
let the water go under the bridge and move on the progress line in teamwork.
Think about your competence on that and if you found any 'bug' do what a
smalltaker knows that works: do something about it and find out how to fix that.

You know.. this is an open comunity based on volunteerism. You can show us you
understamd that with several signals. For instance by stopping the
corporativistic dictatoship talking. And specially the intolerance talking. If
you won't then just reserve that for the internal part of your cranium and/or
your poor subordinates. It is not only near to be helping you to seduce not one
volunteer but is also letting you in the position of a troll. I think that's the
real reason of your annonymousity: you have fear about the reaction of the
comunity will burn your reputation as a contributor to seaside.
That's because you can't inpire anything valuable with this actions you've made.
Put that toghether with the dictatorship talk and you have a perfect lack of
leadership know how.
That's sad man. Really. Whoever you are, review that for your own good.

> Either people believe in my arguments and want to profit from 
> my very comprehensive experience - or not. In the latter case 
> we will continue in our own style as we did in the past. Nothing lost.
> Or I might find some people who are willing to jump onto our 
> boat and travel with us, because we share the same believes 
> and goals. In this case we would just subclass (as we already 
> did in many cases) where major changes are wanted and that's it!
Some people that will never found you because you're annonymous right? if you're
not kidding then you really should fire the marketer of the campaign of your
cause right now. 

> Seaside is too important for us to either forget about it or 
> to live with - sorry for my openess - this horrible lausy 
> amateurish and undocumented code of Release 2.8. This is 
> unacceptable for us to build products upon.
And who is obligating you to do it in the first place?

> These authors of Seaside (whom I don't know) really had some 
> crazy ideas!
> Just remember this f... (4-letter word left out with respect 
> to those who believe in PC)stupid idiotic url path "/Seaside/do". 
> What a crazy idea!
> It took us several days in the beginning to get this rubbish 
> out! It was done in such a fancy way that was really 
> difficult for somebody not (yet) knowing the system. And 
> there were many complains about that here on the list.
> What an idiotic and unrealistic idea! And why so badly implemented.
You are just yelling. You are pointless here. Stop trolling, present arguments
as a real person and proposals if you want attention from adult people.

> Now, you can't expect me to have respect for people doing 
> such a bullshit! And my expectation from life experience*** 
> was that these people would be immune to advice. This is why 
> I chose the public block to discuss improvements outside this 
> "social community" here!
Due to your previous contributions I don't think people here will miss you. 
Differently from great leaders you are not making for the community anything to
be missed so...

> Therefore, don't expect me to participate here too 
> frequently. I have no time for such discussions. I want to 
> get my project moving and that means improving Seaside.
> Everybody is welcome to join - and I will be most eager and 
> happy to learn from other people's experiences and follow 
> their advice. But now on this previous low-level of "Seaside 
> standards". Non, merci!
Remember what you've done. The attitude you presented here by doing this is
contradicting any welcoming not by the content but just by the sad way you did
Go ahed, best success. Contract better marketing campaigns for the future

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