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Sat Apr 18 09:52:37 UTC 2009

Well, of course, that was a typo. I mean "/Seaside/go".

One cannot live with that bullshit if one wants to publish a real domain.

There was never any good argument why this imbecility was implemented in the first place. But it was a very good example of how the developers of Seaside to a certain degree acted against their users.

Best regards
Mr. Cucumber

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> So peter now you are getting a human.
> Why don't you post a list of details (but not harsh and useless)  
> concerns?
> So that we can sort out the ones that could be turned into action for  
> the next release
> or at least discussed. The point of philippe on string vs symbols was  
> interesting.
> I did not get your point on seaside/do?
> May be you mean seaside/go in VW personnally I never understood  why  
> this was not like
> in squeak but I lived with it.
> Stef
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