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Sat Apr 18 10:48:22 UTC 2009

The world is poisoned by this sugar-coated political correctness where people don't die any more but rather pass away! What an absurdity!

German has a better word for it: "weichgespült". Means washed till it's soft enough.

>some Smalltalk coding conventions have been forgotten.
No, they were completely ignored by these ignorants and/or amateurs!

>WARequest behaviour seems to be spread in the system.
No, bullshit, it definitely IS SPREAD all over the place!

>In VW, it seems that namespaces bindings are quite slow
No, they don't seem so THEY DEFINITELY ARE!

So why are you wasting our time here with such honey-drenched non-sense?

Stop lying by getting rid of this stupid PC that the USA are trying to impose on the entire world. This is where PC was invented!

PC means lying. You ask me to lie by denying the truth.

Never! Get healed from this sickness. Soiyez honnête!

Trés sincerement
Mr. Cucumber - speaking out clearly! Toujours franchement!

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> Woaw Peter relax a bit,
> Are you fighting against the devil himself? I'm not involved in Seaside 
> development in any way but don't you think that a more positive approach 
> will give better results?
> As an exercise on good behaviour on mailing lists i'll try to 
> reformulate your point.
> "
> Hi everybody,
> I've been working with Seaside on VW and it seems to me that some 
> Smalltalk coding conventions have been forgotten. It makes the code hard 
> to read (at least for me). Here are some examples:
> - factory methods should generally start with "new".
> WATree class root: anObject
> would be more clear if named:
> WATree class newWithRoot: anObject
> - In VW, it seems that namespaces bindings are quite slow.
> - WARequest behaviour seems to be spread in the system. It makes 
> debbuging harder than necessary.
> - Usage of string instead of symbols. Example:
> WARenderContinuation -> shouldRedirect: aRequest
> ^ aRequest isGet not or: [(aRequest fields includesKey: '_n') not]
> The string '_n' is used in many places in the code. Why not a symbol? Is 
> there any technical reason?
> - ...
> That were some points that annoyed me in Seaside, if you want i can 
> provide a detailed list, fill some tickets and provide some patches...
> Cheers,
> Peter Jedermann
> "
> Easy enough isn't it? Certainly not ideal but people would certainly 
> listen and discuss about the issues you address.
> Have fun,
> Francois
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