[Seaside] A new critical blog discussing Seaside - Using getters/setters

Claus Kick claus_kick at web.de
Sat Apr 18 18:55:20 UTC 2009

Michael Lucas-Smith wrote:


> The behavior of code on my class generally accesses the instance 
> variables directly for a few reasons:
> a) Each object is its own "cell" (biology terms), it is already 
> encapsulated
> b) The object has no need to lie to itself (ie: have the accessor return 
> something other than the variable itself)
> c) Sending 'self' to yourself is a tad psychotic at times. it's a bit 
> like type declarations in other programming languages.. how many times 
> do you want me to repeat myself exactly?

How much difference does the extra method send make in VW, speedwise? Is 
this measureable somehow?

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