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Sebastian Heidbrink sebastian_heidbrink at yahoo.de
Sat Apr 18 19:40:26 UTC 2009

> Squeak has quick return methods for this.
> Cheers
> Philippe

Hi Phillip,

:-D I'm sure about that. ;-)

I didn't want to direct the discussion into that way!
Cucumber mentioned several topics and I just took the accessor things as 
a sample.

These are really questions, I've often been sinking about. How time 
consuming is it really, if you don't fully follow coding conventions?
When I tell a Newbee that he shall put literals into PoolDictionaries, 
or that he shall avoid isKindOf: and delegate a little more, or that he 
shall define Dictionaries for switch/case statements, shall take care of 
public/private, modularize components, then I just see big eyes.
There's merely no resource except old 90ies books I can refer to...

Every Smalltalk Environment has it's strong advantages.
There are a lot of people, already knowing Smalltalk, getting in touch 
with Squeak just because fo Seaside 2.9.
I could image they have the same problems as I had in getting 
comfortable with Squeak.
Once you have worked a while with it, you find a lot of advantages just 
resideing in the IDE. ECompletion, Refactoring Browser, Community 

I don't really share the opinion of the lack of documentation. Sure it 
is always desireable to have a  pdf, or code comments, but and that's a 
good point from Stephane:
There are thousands of Unittests available. They are the best way for 
documentation. Runnable documentation so to speak.
I don't expect the seaside core team to offer a fully documented coding 
while alpha development!
And I know they deliver very much documentation for the final releases.
Before I start using a system I have a very close look at the unittests....

There are already very huge projects been build with Seaside, but I have 
no idea how much of the done work/experience was given back to the 
Seaside Team.
I'm quite sure, that a lot of earlyday users jumped on the train so 
early, that they now have more a branch of Seaside, better than an 
easily portable application layer on top of seaside.
Maybe some critical comments on Seaside reside exactly on this problem.

I will stop posting to that topic, because I already have the 
impression, that most things beeing said today, are more a "General 
Philosophy on Smalltalk" than a real "How to improve Seaside".

But everybody willing and having the time to give me some hints on, 
where to find concret topics/resources on "Best Practices" or 
"Expiriences in building more than sample apps with Seaside"(more the 
architecural look on things) is very welcome to send me a mail.
I will also write my questions on Seaside down and send them to the 
"poor" Seaside team ;-)

Best Regards!

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