[Seaside] unused methods

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 07:06:16 UTC 2009

Keith Hodges wrote:
> The seaside team has a policy of removing methods that are not actually
> used by the framework. [...snip...] (an example of this is that
> #hasGroupNamed: is not provided in the interface to the application
> configuration because seaside has no need of it.

Hi Keith,

It's just a matter of finding a balance: there are plenty of methods
in the framework that are not sent from within. Mostly I would just
rather see methods added as people need them rather than implementing
every method we can think of and then being unable to remove, rename,
or change the behaviour of them because people "might" be using them.
The more methods we add, the more code we need to maintain and the
more code people need to wade through.

By #hasGroupNamed: I assume you are refering to behaviour something like this?

aConfiguration allAttributes anySatisfy: [:ea | ea group = #server]

I don't object to a method such as that existing /per se/ but the
above code seems fairly clear, no? And if we were to add
#hasGroupNamed:, do we need #hasAttributeWithLabel:,
#hasAdvancedAttributes, #hasBooleanAttributes, #allBooleanAttributes,
#allAttributesInGroup:, and so on? We try to anticipate users' needs
when possible but we can't predict every query that a user might want
to make...

If only one person is using a method, it is easily added as a class
extension. If many users are clamouring for it, then of course we
would look at adding it.


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