[Seaside] Seaside config for Comet (Seaside 2.9 A3)

John Toohey johnptoohey at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 16:36:49 UTC 2009

Do you have a link to some documentation on Beach? I've tried to
install it in a fresh image but get some errors. Not sure if there is
a special order that I need to load the packages.


On Sat, Apr 18, 2009 at 21:20, Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> wrote:
> John Toohey wrote:
>> Keith,
>> Respectfully, I disagree. I just started a few months ago with
>> Seaside, and the configuration app helped me through some of the
>> tutorials, I found on the web. Even some of the sample apps, Google
>> charts for instance, require you to use the configuration app to get
>> it working. I agree that once you know how to configure you own
>> application, then doing it via a class method is the way to go.
>> Documentation aside, its not obvious what is required to add support
>> for the various libraries, and your own session objects etc.,
> Hello John,
> lets give you a little hint of how this works in Beach (and Jetsam of old)
> there is method
> prefEnableCometHelper
> ^ false
> Now if you change that to true, comet is enabled, and you don't need any
> special session class.
> If you want to use ShoreComponents there is a method
> prefEableShoreHelper
> ^ false
> If you change that to true, you dont need any special session classes,
> you dont need to add any libraries, they are automatically added.
> The interface to the server WAKom etc can be set up to look at
> #prefEnableCometHelper, and it should know that a WAListener is required
> for that helper to work.
> You use code to write your whole application, and then when you move
> your image to the deployed machine you have to switch to using a config
> application in which half the settings need to be changed for
> deployment. So why put that conceptual and actual discontinuity of tools
> in there at all, its not as if these are even end user settings.
> The advantage of code is that it can embody the knowledge needed to set
> up the application. Dependencies between settings etc can be included.
> It could also include documentation about the settings and options
> available.
> You can also provide already working setups which can be adjusted via
> subclassing, why do you have to configure anything to use Google Charts?
> Keith
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