[Seaside] Swazoo, VisualWorks, and Seaside 2.8

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Mon Apr 20 17:55:04 UTC 2009

On Apr 20, 2009, at 1:12 PM, John M McIntosh wrote:
> If you check the archives there is some heated arguments about the  
> Swazoo licence history.
> At this point it's LGPL, so can you live with that?

I'm not quite sure if I can.  I'd really prefer to use Opentalk if I  
can just figure out how to programmatically:

-Get the web server for my Seaside app
-Change the port number for the web server
-Specify a root folder for static resources so that any URL.  For  
example if I specify the folder to be c:\myseasideapp\public including  
a file named asdf.html then the URL http://www.mydomain.com/asdf.html  
resolves to that file.  Subfolders should also work.

These things are probably easy once you know how to do them, but so  
far I haven't managed to figure it out.

-Carl Gundel

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