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> > There are 4 new concrete technical proposals how to improve Seaside and
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> > Comments and critics welcome!
> What do you know, not one of them makes sense.
> 9. Seaside works with various web servers, WARequest is the adaptor they
> can
> all use to work with Seaside.  Your criticizing Seaside because you
> modified
> Swazoo and duplicated code you also modified in Seaside.  Absurd.
> 8, 7.  Use Apache to serve up static content like every other sane person
> and recognize that Seaside does it for development convenience, not for
> handling production load that requires it to be insanely fast.  The rest of
> the world works with files and pathnames, and for serving web content and
> staying compatible, so should Seaside.
> 6. You're over playing the accepted use of this "new" convention, yea, some
> people do it and just as many don't.  It's an issue of personal style, not
> some big well known convention Seaside is ignoring.  We have method
> protocols for a reason, we don't have to duplicate them in the method
> names.
> You want to know if something is a constructor, look at the protocol, not a
> naming pattern.
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Please, please, stop feeding the troll.  Even if the fellow has legitimate
complaints, I see no reason to engage someone too scared to use his own
name, yet all too willing to accuse others by name of behaving with malice
aforethought.  Part of why I've enjoyed using Squeak off and on for the last
thirteen years (!) at this point is that, for the most part, despite any of
its flaws, I've found its community bright, friendly, and open.  These
threads are at best one of three; at worst, exercises in megalomaniacal
Here's my suggestion: the overwhelming number of "horrible problems" that
have been pointed out so far (admittedly excepting documentation) can be
"fixed" in about an hour using the Rewrite Tool and the Refactoring Browser.
 Rather than complaining so loudly about horrible conspiracies, the blogger
can simply make the changes, publish a changeset or Monticello package
somewhere, announce it, and let us all take a look.  If the new Seaside is
better, I'll be happy to use it--as, I'm sure, would many other Seaside
developers.  Otherwise, I'll stick to the existing code base, which has
served me wonderfully.

In the meantime, I've added a rule to Gmail to automatically trash these
threads, since the incredibly personal nature of the nominally objective
attacks sadden me, and I do not wish to view them.  I would gently encourage
other readers on this list to do the same and get back to work.

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