[Seaside] About the Trolling

James Robertson jrobertson at cincom.com
Mon Apr 20 19:32:57 UTC 2009

This might make things clearer in terms of our favorite new poster  
here; if you don't care, please just ignore this message.

In this post:  http://thesmalltalkblog.blogspot.com/2009/04/proposal-2-remove-all-namespace.html

I found this followup to a post I pushed out, on the lack of speed  
issues with namespaces in modern VW releases:

"Important addition on 19.04.09: James Robertson of Cincom pointed out  
in his blog that the speed of namespaces has improved in VW 7. I  
cannot comment this (but I trust him), because we are not on VW 7.  
Therefore, please keep in mind that my following comments apply only  
to older VW releases."

Which means that our commenter is using VW 5i.x.  Now, to make this  
relevant to this list, bear in mind that the first attempted port of  
Seaside to VW started in August 2003, by David Pennell.  At that time,  
VW 7.1 was the current release, and the version of Seaside he was  
targeting was 2.3.

Skip forward a few months to when Michel Bany started maintaining the  
port, in April of 2004.  At that time VW 7.1 was still the supported  
release of VW, and VW 7.2 was a few months out.  He was targeting the  
(then current) Seaside 2.5).

What does this mean?  There's never been a (generally released)   
Seaside port targeted at 5i.x, and there's certainly no well known  
port of Seaside 2.8.x to VW 5i.x.

So what we have here is complaints based on a release of VW that dates  
back to at least 2001 (the year 5i.4 was released).  It's not clear to  
me, based on the emails or the blog, what version of Seaside he's  
working with.

So just to put this all in context, it would be useful to know what  
version of VW and what version of Seaside we're discussing here.

James Robertson
Cincom Smalltalk Product Evangelist
Talk Small and Carry a Big Class Library

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