[Seaside] WAReportColumn tableData alignment

Zirbler cj-bachinger at gmx.de
Wed Apr 22 17:53:34 UTC 2009


Im using Dolphin and Seaside 2.8. I like to use WATableReport and try to
align my table data. I have got it working by changing WAReportColumn
renderColumn:row:on: as shown below using the line below the comment instead
of the comment. The definition of the Column is below. The problem for me is
to access the tableData tag before the block inside the block.

Is there a better seaside way for WAReportColumn renderBlock:title: without
changing renderColumn:row:on:.


renderColumn: aColumn row: aRow on: html
	| text |
	aColumn canRender ifTrue: [
		"^html tableData: [aColumn renderValue: aRow on: html]]."
		^aColumn renderValue: aRow on: html].
	text := aColumn textForRow: aRow.
	text isEmpty ifTrue: [ text := ' ' ].
	html tableData: [
		aColumn canChoose
			ifFalse: [ html text: text ]
			ifTrue: [
				html anchor
					callback: [ self chooseRow: aRow column: aColumn ];
					with: text ] ]

The definition of the column is
(WAReportColumn renderBlock: 
									[:each :html | 
									(html tableData)
										align: 'right';
										with: (each productAt: i)]
								title: (aCollection at: i) key)
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