[Seaside] Re: HTTPS & Seaside?

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Sun Apr 26 09:55:26 UTC 2009


John Chludzinski wrote:
> I'm a bit of a newbie to this and have been using Comanche (KomHttpServer).
>  I've assumed this was the canonical choice.  Saw some references to using
> Apache as a "frontend" to Comanche.  Not sure how that might be done but it
> make sense that the web server, not the web-app framework (Seaside),
> provides support for HTTPS.  ---John

Yes, a typical setup is to use a "regular" web server as a so called 
"reverse proxy" in front of KomHttpServer. It should be trivially 
google-able. You can also get load balancing using HAProxy or other 
solutions, should also be easy to find via Google, I know that Ramon has 
written about it at onsmalltalk.com.

There is also another option if you feel adventurous, although in a 
state of "alpha" and that is to use Blackfoot:


...my SimpleCGI implementation. I have only tested it so far with 
Cherokee (awfully fast new webserver with a nice admin UI) and Nginx 
(another very nice fast webserver, BUT the SCGI support in Nginx needs 
my patches and they have not been applied by the author in his Mercurial 
repo yet). Apache and Lighttpd should probably work too, not yet tested.

If someone decides to play with Blackfoot+Nginx - mail me! :)

The current Blackfoot (its on SM) seems to work quite fine with Seaside 
BUT I have not yet tested it much at all, like for example file uploads.

The whole idea with Blackfoot is to get a faster, cleaner and smaller 
alternative to KomHttpServer, typically for deployment.

regards, Göran

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