[Seaside] 2.9 alpha 4

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 18:27:06 UTC 2009

2009/8/2 Ramiro Diaz Trepat <ramiro at diaztrepat.name>:
> Thanks for replying Philippe, I got it working in the end.
> I had to start the Seaside Control Panel and add the WAComancheAdaptor.

Ah this bug, sorry about that, others have bumped into this before
you. It happens when you start Seaside with WAKom.

> It
> seems that that last step is not performed but the installatoion .cs.
> I can be more specific of course, but if you try it you will see what is
> going on.  In any case, here are the steps to reproduce:
> Case 1:
> 1. Download the latest versoin of Pharo DEV
> 2. Download the Monticello Configurations file from builder.seaside.st
> 3. Open a Monticello browser and load it.
> You will get an error during installation.  I didn't debug, I went and tried
> the script.
> Case 2:
> 1. Download the latest version of Pharo DEV
> 2. Download the .cs scritp to install Seaside 2.9 from builder.seaside.st
> 3. Install it.
> 4. Execute:  WAKom startOn: 8080
> 5. Point your browser to:   http://localhost:8080/seaside
> You will get an error from Kom.
> On the same image, I successfuly loaded Seaside 2.9 using
> ScriptLoader loadSeaside29
> Then, the Seaside Control Panel opens and you can add the adaptor that is
> not added by default.
> Since you can choose which server to use in the nifty tool provided in
> builder.seaside.st, I believe it would be good that the adapter for it is
> created after finishing the installation.

I opened a bug:



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