[Seaside] Generated links (anchor -> callback)

Mark Ross mark at markross.de
Tue Aug 4 16:42:05 UTC 2009

Hi James,
Sorry for replying a month later - I had a bad accident with my

> As Dale mentioned, GemStone doesn't quite handle the block the way you  
> expect. The workaround is to help the compiler see that this is really  
> a new context. I generally do this with a new method:
> renderContentOn: canvas
> 	1 to: 10 do: [:index | self renderIndex: index on: canvas].
> %
> renderIndex: anInteger on: aCanvas
> 	aCanvas anchor
> 		callback: [self value: anInteger];
> 		with: anInteger.
> 	aCanvas space.
> %
> Because the refactoring tends to give smaller, better named methods, I  
> generally don't find this GemStone "bug" to be much of a burden.

Thanks for the hint - this seems to be a very convenient and in a
propgramming manner clear way to implement the links :)

Best regards


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