[Seaside] Re: Seaside one-click 2.8.4 experience on windows

stephan at stack.nl stephan at stack.nl
Thu Aug 6 14:28:48 UTC 2009

>> - I downloaded the 2.8.4 one-click yesterday on windows, and noticed
>> the right mouse button doesn't work by default.

Hmm, no 3 button mouse available. There is also no preference to do
something with mouse buttons.

Alt-left click works, but is not acceptable for a multi-button mouse.

>> - I managed to get the OBBrowser to not handle ctrl-s and not ask for
>> author initials. Haven't been able to reproduce, though.

The OBBrowser doesn't handle having empty selections very well. Adding
a category doesn't ask for Author initials

> I'm not sure. Nothing in the One-Click needs XML parsing support so
> why should it be there?

Because it used to be there? Or am I mistaken? Was that just in developer


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