[Seaside] two inputs one updater

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Sun Aug 9 19:29:53 UTC 2009

Hey guys,
anyone knows how to:
- update 2 inputs 
- using one updater?

having that:
- there are other inputs in the same page
- only one big (tag) form wrapping all

When I saw the implementation of triggerFormElement: I've though two parameters
can came serialized in the POST so I've tried this:

			self renderThoseTwoInputsOn: h];
		triggerFormElement: idInput1;
		triggerFormElement: idInput2;

but with that I only get the model of input1 updated.
As workaround I'm posting the whole form but is really not ideal.
What could be interfering with the update of the second input? 
maybe the serialized value of the second input is not hitting its callback?
fixable? hints?

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