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John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Tue Aug 11 23:03:22 UTC 2009

On 11-Aug-09, at 4:53 AM, Cédrick Béler wrote:

>> However I will talk about the process at ESUG in Sept,
>> http://www.esug.org/Conferences/2009/Current+List+of+Talks/Smalltalk+on+iPhone
> excellent !
> I would love a workshop too. Is it possible ?
> I know there are ObjectiveC bindings but are there bindings for the
> iphone API ? Maybe a camp project is possible in relation to iphone
> dev in smalltalk...

The iPhone API is obj-c , I don't have an FFI api for the iPhone so  
core foundation procedures get wrapped in the
application's delegate obj-c api when I need to deal with them.

Take a listen to James Robertson Industry Misinterpretations 140:  
OBjective Seas


The objective-c api use hangs a proxy ObjectiveCObject off of  
ProtoObject which was a *lot* of fun...

Then DNU is dynamically handled at run time to resolve into the best  
method of calling the method.
There are many ways to make the call in the objective-c runtime so we  
resolve which to use based
on the parms (if any) and return type (if any).

This does not preclude bulding subclasses, like say  
which provide more static binding to the api.

However the problem with building the static binding is someone has to  
maintain it when Apple
changes the API version, and how do you test it all etc.  Obviously if  
someone wants to fund that?

I note I think it was Avi who did an earlier objective-c bridge and  
did provide I'd guess generated
classes to do binding to much of the core obj-c classes for os-x.

After you listen to the MP3 then you can let us which type of  
objective-c bridge I have implemented
according to CinCom

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