[Seaside] Re: [croquet-dev] Re: [squeak-dev] Second LIfe plugin API

Lawson English lenglish5 at cox.net
Tue Aug 18 17:30:42 UTC 2009

Howard Stearns wrote:
> Cool. What do you have in mind?
> Do you have any experience with the QuickTime media plugin?  How is it 
> in general? How is it for streaming sources?
> The model for coordinating plugin activity across clients was not 
> clear to me. E.g., if I fire up QuickTime for a movie, how do all 
> other clients in the sim (that happen to have the plugin installed) 
> get coordinated to the same place in the movie?
> Howard Stearns
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The way it works right now (and in the future unless they change 
things), a land-owner can set a "parcel media" URL which is the URL to a 
streaming media server that will play on any local object that displays 
a certain texture.

The plugin API extends that to allow for custom plugins to run, but only 
in the context of the parcel media URL texture.

I can imagine many cases where a media plugin served from localhost 
might be useful. It should be possible to specify localhost as a valid 
url for media-on-a-prim (HUD at least) that is settable separately from, 
or as an alternative to, the parcel media URL.
IOW, if I install a custom HUD with a localhost url as the parcel media 
url, I should be able to interact with a private plugin 
running/streaming on my own comp.

E.G. a seaside server on localhost doing all sorts of spiffy things that 
I haven't thought of yet. The plugin API makes it easy to have a plugin 
be part of the second life world, as far as GUI is concerned. I'm trying 
to convince people to create another message/event mechanism to allow 
more direct interaction with the SL viewer. IE, use Squeak as a 
scripting plugin on the viewer side. One could use the media API to 
provide a GUI and use the events API to send commands for generic 
scripting of the SL viewer.


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