[Seaside] Getting started with Seaside 2.9 + pharo

Torsten Bergmann astares at gmx.de
Wed Aug 19 06:45:55 UTC 2009

Pat Maddox wrote on Pharo-project list
>So far getting set up has been quite frustrating and now I'm looking
>for some help...I want to start developing Seaside 2.9 on Pharo.  How
>do I do that?

I crosspost this to squeak-dev and seaside too since this question
comes up from time to time:

If you want to load and use all the latest seaside stuff 
(Pharo and seaside29) then you should download the newest beta 
image (non-web) from the pharo download site, see [1]. 

If you are on win32 you can alternatively use the installer exe
to get the full package (including latest VM, fonts, ...),
see [2]. 

If you want you can update the image (according to Damien [3]
it is now not only possible to update the core image but also
the pharo main image with all the dev-tools, thats the one on
the pharo download site) 

However, in a recent Pharo you can evaluate 

   ScriptLoader loadSeaside29

This internally loads the "LoadOrderTest" (check the class ScriptLoader
how its done) from the seaside squeaksource repo ([4]). 

The load order test is typically updated by the gemstone/seaside developers 
with the latest seaside 29 packages in the correct order - so 
it loads the latest seaside 2.9 stuff. 

Acccording to planetmisc feed it was updated on 17th August (see [5]).
so you should get all new packages from Seaside29.

Click "OK" when asked to load, NO to run the tests and
after loading select "Tools -> More -> Seaside Control Panel"
from the world menu. See also [6]

This should bring up the new control panel and you can use the context
menu to add an adapter on a specific port and run it.

If you want you can open Monticello browser on the seaside 29
repo and load newer packages.

Have fun

[1] http://pharo-project.org/pharo-download
[2] http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/pharo-project/2009-August/012100.html
[3] http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/pharo-project/2009-August/012048.html
[3] http://www.squeaksource.com/Seaside29.html
[4] http://planetmisc.squeak.org/
[5] http://lists.gforge.inria.fr/pipermail/pharo-project/2009-August/011942.html
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