[Seaside] Mac carbon VM 4.2.1Beta1U posted

John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Fri Aug 21 00:10:03 UTC 2009

I've posted a macintosh carbon VM 4.2.1Beta1U to the usual places  
found via


If there are no immediate problems then people should consider using  
this VM for their one-click offerings and
ensuring this is the current default macintosh VM  on Squeak.org.  
Early adopters should email the list right away in
case of problems.

As a reminder the 4.x series of macintosh VM have clean 32bit address  
space support, IPV6, full UTF-8 for file names
and clipboard, Closure support when activated by the image, and BitBlt  
fixes to enable beautiful fonts via Squeak on the macintosh,
plus the VM plugins folder has all the latest plugins.

If you *must* run a 3.8.x flavor of VM (why?) then you should use the  
latest fixed version which is 3.8.21b1
3.8.20 & 3.8.19 both have flaws causing image save failures, and  
3.8.17 or earlier are not 32bit clean hence more probable to crash
  on you.

A warning about BitBltPlugin.bundle distributed as  
This was an override to provide some better font behaviour rendering  
that was done in early 2007.
If you have this on your computer in a Plugins folder or think you  
need it, beware it will override the NEW fixed bitblt and
you wonder why your fonts don't render correctly in the last font  
efforts for Squeak. Therefore you should delete all/any
copies of BitBltPlugin.bundle


There are some fixes to enable this VM to run a 64bit based Image,  
this is still a 32bit VM btw, and now
the VM comes with a macintosh QuickLook plugin that renders the  
thumbnail out of newer eToys projects.
Plus it has the Aug fixes for rendering antialiased StrikeFonts.

Other fixes detailed below:

4.2.1b1		We update our VM to VMMaker-dtl.135
			Reference Mantis 7260: some Float comparison primitives don't  
handle Nan correctly
			Enable VM to run 64 bit images as a 32 bit VM
			Reference Mantis 5238: Integer bug on 64bit image/32bit VM
			Reference Mantis 7376: Bug in BitBlt (rgbMul sets alpha to 0)
			Reference Mantis 7377: VM Crashes when setting port on destroyed  
socket (Win32)
			Reference Mantis 7384: GeniePlugin does not compile on closure- 
enabled images

			Added eToys suggestion for a read only resource directory when  
			Info.plist gets a UTI and the SqueakResourceDirectory path
			Via Bert Freudenberg added QuickLook plugin for rendering eToys  
project image Thumbnail

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