[Seaside] non-HTML output from Seaside 2.9

Robert Shiplett grshiplett2 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 27 19:14:29 UTC 2009

Yesterday I succeeded in running the Seaside Counter demo in Curl (www.curl.com) in Squeak 3.10 using Alpha 4 without any XML or HTML output.Doing so required a great many changes to Seaside: MIME type defaults and hard-coded class references.  Seaside should be markup language neutral ( the Curl RTE is in use at about 30% of the global Fortune 100 and in one major government )The poblem most difficult to detect was affecting WAApplication as there is a preferences default set to MIME 'text/html' in the configuration dict up at WAEntryPoint.  Even when all other problems were corrected, the Curl MIME type was ignored for my builder in its render context.Any generic method used in rendering which hard-codes html document type or html content type or names an Html class remains problematic.  In many cases I could only proceed by creating my own subclass and hardcoding "Curl" in place of "Html" in the offending methods.  At a few palces more generic
 behavior is actually in the HTml subclass than in the supposed generic parent class (a simpel refactoring issue)It was not possible to produce a package for Curl web content as an alternative to an Html package or XML package or XHTML package due to these issues: my package only runs with some 14 classes hacked to obviate hard-coded HTML bias: so I have a working IMAGE and not a working PACKAGE.Some Mime problems violated the encapsulation of the MIME classes by hard-coding 'text' and 'html' as main and sub values.  This should not be exposed without good reason.  Mime types should be parsed, not hacked.WABuilder has bias in many methods that interfered with creating a Curl subclassHttpResponse has numerous methods hard-coded to contentTypeHtmlWAPrettyPrintedDocument has HTML bias in a few methodsWAUrl has bias in printON: aStreamWARequestHandlingConfiguration has bias in >> describeOn: config:WARequestContext has HTML bias in several
 methodsWAREnderPhaseContinuation has a bias in >>processRenderingWhen I found WASlime >>findBrushSelectors I did not know how to proceed, so I removed the compteing HTML subclasses and left only my Curl subclassesWARoot is worrosime of the various methods in WAUpdateRootVisitorWASession has methods such as beXHTMLString which have to be overridden whenever they are meaningless for non-XML markupIt was difficutl to ascertain why the WARenderContext of the Canvas was always holding a WAHtmlDocument.WriteStream has a default contentType tied to MIMEDocument outside SeasideObject has a default contetType the sameI
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