[Seaside] non-HTML output from Seaside 2.9

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 20:55:16 UTC 2009

2009/8/27 Robert Shiplett <grshiplett2 at yahoo.com>:
> Yesterday I succeeded in running the Seaside Counter demo in Curl
> (www.curl.com) in Squeak 3.10 using Alpha 4 without any XML or HTML output.
> Doing so required a great many changes to Seaside: MIME type defaults and
> hard-coded class references.  Seaside should be markup language neutral (
> the Curl RTE is in use at about 30% of the global Fortune 100 and in one
> major government )
> The poblem most difficult to detect was affecting WAApplication as there is
> a preferences default set to MIME 'text/html' in the configuration dict up
> at WAEntryPoint.  Even when all other problems were corrected, the Curl MIME
> type was ignored for my builder in its render context.
> Any generic method used in rendering which hard-codes html document type or
> html content type or names an Html class remains problematic.  In many cases
> I could only proceed by creating my own subclass and hardcoding "Curl" in
> place of "Html" in the offending methods.  At a few palces more generic
> behavior is actually in the HTml subclass than in the supposed generic
> parent class (a simpel refactoring issue)
> It was not possible to produce a package for Curl web content as an
> alternative to an Html package or XML package or XHTML package due to these
> issues: my package only runs with some 14 classes hacked to obviate
> hard-coded HTML bias: so I have a working IMAGE and not a working PACKAGE.

Sorry I'm from Berne. Couldn't you just save the dirty Seaside
packages as Monticello versions? We could then extract the diff.


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