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Frederic Pluquet fpluquet at ulb.ac.be
Tue Dec 1 16:18:59 UTC 2009


I use Seaside for a lot of personal development and I love its rapidity of
development! But for real deployment there is a big disadvantage. At my
knowledge, I have only two solutions to deploy an application: have an own
server (what I do for the moment) or put my image on seasidehosting.

So I have a simple idea: it will be really cool if I can develop in
Smalltalk with Seaside and I deploy the code in Php/MySql to put it in any
common server.

I think this idea is not so crazy. I know there is a world between Smalltalk
and Php (I know both well) but a way to implement this idea is perhaps the
next one. The first step: the classes (and methods) used in Smalltalk must
be translated into Php (some papers show that it is possible into Java for
example). The second step are about the alive objects. Because in Smalltalk
the alive objects are kept in memory (in the image), a possible solution is
to create each object in Php and save them in a MySql database to retrieve
them through each page.

An important point is that Php is a dynamic typed language. The convertion
will be so easier than Java.

So my question is the next one to the Seaside developers: what are the big
obstacles to achieve this goal ?

Some questions in my mind: What about continuations ? What about object
reflectivity ?

Frédéric Pluquet
Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB)
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