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Ramiro Diaz Trepat ramiro at diaztrepat.name
Wed Dec 9 09:56:02 UTC 2009

I am a complete n00b in terms of ajax / jQuery and I have a couple of basic

I have created a simple dialog using code similar to the one provided in the

html div id: 'dialog'; title: 'New Simulation';
script: (html jQuery new dialog
     title: 'New Simulation';
width: 600;
   autoOpen: false;
addButton: 'Done' do: html jQuery new dialog close;
   addButton: 'Close' do: html jQuery new dialog close);
with: [ ... ]

I see that JQ widgets do not implement the #callback: method, hence I don't
quite know how to process things in case someone presses the 'Done' button

Also as one of the results of the user pressing 'Done' I want to alter the
contents of a select list, to which I would like to add another element.  I
couldn't find examples of this kind of form component alterations, I don't
know if it is even possible or not.


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