[Seaside] WATableReport column sorting

Pierce Ng pierce at netmemetic.com
Fri Dec 11 01:33:18 UTC 2009


First off, are many readers of this list using WATableReport, or do you
generally roll your own table implementation?

I have a two columns, each with its own sort block. When I construct the
WATableReport instance, one of the columns is given as the default
sortColumn. When the table is rendered, the two column's headers are
rendered as anchors; tracing through the code, when I click on the column
header, WATableReport is supposed to invoke that column's sort block.
However, this doesn't work for me. I've verified that, individually, both
sort blocks work when each is set as the default sortColumn.

Has anyone encountered this? Or is my best bet to roll my own?

I'm using Seaside 2.8a1-pmm.593 on Pharo #10454.

Thanks. Regards.

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