[Seaside] Is Seaside able to access any "open source" chart libraries?

Ian Gilchrist gilchrist at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 31 23:50:52 UTC 2009


I'm looking for some Seaside compatible plugin or wrapped JavaScript-based
charting package that would deliver me pie charts, bar charts and simple x/y
coordinate graphing. A brief Google search reveals examples like
"jfreechart" that might be nice to use if properly wrapped for Seaside.  I
suspect there are quite a few others that are similar in nature.

Anybody heard of any activity in this area?  I don't see any mention of such
a facility in the new "Dynamic Web Development with Seaside" book.  I have
yet to read the entire book, so I might be missing something in this regard.
Is there a generic strategy within Seaside for meeting this type of
presentation requirement or am I dependent on an API to be supplied by the
Seaside framework?





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