[Seaside] Re: Ajax callback and rendering a new page

Squeaker squeakman at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 01:06:10 UTC 2009

Louis LaBrunda wrote:

>  But I have to wonder why you are using the Ajax updater in
> the first place.  Without it, you could go back to the server and it would
> render a new page without the Ajax updater trying to get just a portion
> replaced.
> Lou

Hi Lou,

Picture an HTML table with a couple of columns and lets say each row 
displays some summary information (a few fields) about a person.

Id   Name   Address
|12| Fred | 123 Someplace |
|71| Wilma| 456 Somewhere |

I don't want to use anchors for each cell; what I want is for the user 
to be able to double-click on a row and have a new page displayed. The 
new page will have the full information about the person.

I hope this explains my requirements.  If you have an alternative 
solution I would appreciate hearing it.


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