[Seaside] WAUrlEncoder

Karsten karsten at heeg.de
Fri Feb 6 14:46:34 UTC 2009


today I had a problem with non-ascii characters in the URL. The reason 
for this problem seemed to be that URLs are encoded in a different way 
as they are decoded. Encoding is done with WAUrlEncoder and decoding is 
done with URLEncoder (at least on VisualWorks). The URLEncoder uses UTF8 
to encode/decode URLs, but the WAUrlEncoder stores characters bytewise 
with %. So if you encode 'ü' (252 as Integer) with WAUrlEncoder you get 
'%FC', while the URLEncoder produces '%C3%BC'.

If the URLEncoder is also used for encoding everything works fine and 
even the browser shows the characters properly in the address bar. I'm 
not sure if that's just a problem of the VW port, but still I don't 
understand why the WAUrlEncoder doesn't encode with UTF8, even though 
that's recommented in the rfc (at least that's what Wikipedia said ;-) ).

Kind Regards

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