[Seaside] Seaside 2.9-A2 JQuery serialize forms

John Toohey jt at parspro.com
Fri Feb 6 19:29:06 UTC 2009

Hi,I have a JQuery Dialog that has a form rendered in it. When the user
clicks the "Create" button, I want to serialize the form contents back to
the server for validation, and saving in a DB. I want to dialog to stay on
the screen until the user clicks "Close"

I have the following code :-

html div id: (id := html nextId);
 style: 'display:none';
 script: (html jQuery new dialog title: 'Tournaments';
 autoOpen: false;
 draggable: true;
 resizable: false;
 width: 1000;
 addButton: 'Create' do: (html jQuery ajax serializeForm callback: [self
 addButton: 'Close' do: html jQuery new dialog close);
 with: [html render: self createTournamentComponent].

I'm not sure what to pass in as the callback, in order to retrieve the
serialized fields. The #callback does not accept any parameters. Just
getting started with Seaside, and may be thinking about this in the wrong

Any help would be appreciated.

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