[Seaside] textInput callback is not used

Philippe Marschall philippe.marschall at gmail.com
Tue Feb 10 07:38:04 UTC 2009

2009/2/10 Zirbler <cj-bachinger at gmx.de>:
> Philippe Marschall wrote:
>> 2009/2/9 Zirbler <cj-bachinger at gmx.de>:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm working with Dolphin and Seaside 2.8 and my question is probably a
>>> newbee querstion. I tried to get an Input field in a html table. The
>>> renderMessage is as below and the rendering looks good. I see the correct
>>> value but if I change the value in the Input field, no callback is used
>>> and
>>> the value is not stored. Using the productCount or productEditorDialog
>>> the
>>> value changes. Only the textInput does not work.
>>> Any hints,
>> You're probably missing a form and a submit button.
>> Philippe, I do not use a form. My application looks like the tutorial at:
>> http://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/hirschfeld/seaside/tutorial

You need one.

>> I have a tableData like rendering the "tasklist", the only additonal code
>> is the textInput code.
>>                       html tableData:
>>                                       [(html textInput)
>>                                               value: aProduct count;
>>                                               callback:
>>                                                               [:value |
>>                                                               Transcript show: value.
>>                                                               aProduct count: value]  ].
>> Can it be that textInput callback: []. only work correctly in forms?

Yes, that's how HTML works. Form elements (textInput, checkBox,
submitButton, ...) need to be inside a form.


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