[Seaside] textInput callback is not used

Marco Qualizza mlq at codedaemon.com
Tue Feb 10 12:17:44 UTC 2009


On 10-Feb-09, at 2:49:45.000 AM, Zirbler wrote:

>>>> I have a tableData like rendering the "tasklist", the only  
>>>> additonal
>>>> code
>>>> is the textInput code.
>>>>                      html tableData:
>>>>                                      [(html textInput)
>>>>                                              value: aProduct count;
>>>>                                              callback:
>>>> [:value |
>>>> Transcript
>>>> show: value.
>>>> aProduct
>>>> count: value]  ].
>>>> Can it be that textInput callback: []. only work correctly in  
>>>> forms?
>> Yes, that's how HTML works. Form elements (textInput, checkBox,
>> submitButton, ...) need to be inside a form.
>> Philippe,
>> thanks for confirmation. Does a form has scrollbars if the form is  
>> greater
>> than the viewing window.
>> cjb

An HTML form isn't actually a visual element -- it just logically  
groups all of the form elements (radio buttons, drop downs, check  
boxes, input fields, etc) so that they can be submitted as one set of  
data.  As far as I remember, and it's been a while since I've played  
with HTML, you can't actually assign styling (e.g. background colours,  
borders, etc) to a form.  But, if the "contents" of the form is bigger  
than the viewing window, then yes, you will get scroll bars.


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